Tuesday, March 10, 2009

MOPs Day

I really enjoy my Tuesday mornings. Tuesday's are MOPs days. A day I get to feel pampered in the midst of being a mommy. I only wish I had known about MOPs when I first became a mommy. The love and support at MOPs priceless.

Now, being a bit of a more "seasoned" mommy, I also love to see the newer mommies at work. The ones who get to bring their newborns in with them because the are still nursing. Watching those precious relationships between mommy and baby feels like stealing a glimpse of something so extraordinary. Oh, and the nursing relationship between precious baby and mommy - so special. This is probably the most missed part of having a baby for me. I loved nursing. It certainly did not come easy to me and Zachary. We both had quite the learning curve, but we got past it and he nursed exclusively for 6 months and then continued up until 13 - 14 months. Emma, on the other hand, came out knowing exactly how to nurse. She was a pro from the start (and still is a pro eater). Yes, Emma and her coveted "mommy milk"...

Just watch, and don't worry, there is no nudity here:

I had to add this one more video. Okay, now I'm done with the family movies... for now.

So tomorrow is Wednesday. Another favorite day, for tomorrow is Emma's dance day and who couldn't love watching that : )

Monday, March 9, 2009

I can already tell that this video thing is going to be fun... I just found this on my hard drive, and while I have posted it mostly for the sake for Nana, perhaps others with enjoy seeing how quickly these little boogers grow up. I can hardly remember these two so small. This video shows a small glimpse of the future friendship these two have kindled.

Happy Monday

I've been wanting to try adding video to my blog, so here's my first attempt at it.

This is last Monday's practice session at the track. I was not able to make it, but Dan took the kids over. He took this on his phone, hence the quality, but Emma's cheering is great. Oh yeah, and that kid on the bike, he is pretty fantastic too!!!

Happy Monday to you.