Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Perfect Beach Day

We recently had a beach day that felt too rushed and, well, just not quite as relaxing as a beach day should be. So, last week me and the kids decided to have a re-do. It was a success! Just what we had been needing (at least, just what this mama had been needing). It was a perfect low tide. The water was very warm and inviting. It was clearer than I ever remember our local ocean being. The kids were very happy just playing in the sand and making up games (as you can see, the sand does not bother my little ones!!).

My mom and I altered between sitting in our chairs under the beach umbrella relaxing and swimming with the kids.

Yes, a very good day indeed!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A 4 Year Olds Birthday!!

Emma's birthday was last Tuesday and Danny took the day off work to spend with us. We had a wonderful day together, and it all started with the unveiling of Emma's new fish tank...

Then she donned her birthday crown (pattern in this book) and we went out for pancakes and to Petsmart to pick out a new friend. It wasn't a difficult choice. She found a white goldfish with red on her head and "Dorothy" came home with us. Since then "Dorothy" has changed to "Emily" and is sometimes "Goldy". She doesn't seem to care that her name keeps changing, and she seems to enjoy her new home on Emma's dresser.

Here's the birthday girl with big brother laughing it up.

Zach proudly made Emma her birthday present this year. She wanted a ribbon on a stick, just like in dance class. Zach and I couldn't find one, so we went to Joanns and got a dowel and he picked some ribbon. He painted the dowel pink and purple, and then covered it in glitter. I hot glue gunned the ribbon to it. It was (and is) a huge hit. And it's so special that he made it for her. She keeps having dance recitals around the house and making up new dances with her beautiful pink ribbon.

It was really a great day followed by a fun evening at John's Incredible Pizza where Aunt Teri and Casey met up with us. Emma's birthday continued through Saturday with a dinner and cupcakes at Nana's house for her and Uncle Joe's birthday.

I'm so proud of my 4 year old. She is such a sweet little girl, and I am so blessed that the Lord picked our family for her. She is such a gentle soul, always ready to give love to her family (esspecially her big brother).

I love you Emma Lulu!!!