Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Big and Small, God made them all.

That was Zachary's character verse for the last unit we completed in kindergarten. We had a whole unit on dinosaurs and it proved to be one of our most fun yet. We took school outside one day and measured 110 feet to see how long a blue whale was. Then we compared it to 100 feet, which is how long one of the largest dinosaurs were. The kids each chose two dinosaurs to learn a bit more on and made stuffed dinosaurs using paper bags and crinkled paper for stuffing. Then they painted their dinosaurs.

We have moved on to "O" - Octopus and we are learning that "Even the Octopus praises the Lord". This unit is going quickly and after it comes "W" - Water then "I" Insect. We have already started our Ant Farm for the Insect unit. It sits in our kitchen, and we all enjoy seeing what the ants are up to. They are busy little guys, and I'm sure there will be more news on them later (hopefully no news of an escape!!).

Zachary is turning out to be quite the student, and he is enjoying learning to read. I think it is even more fun for me to see his excitement at sounding out words. He is so amazing, but I'm sure all mamas think that of there little ones. The other day during school, I called an Ox a Yak. He, of course, corrected me and I told him, "I'm sorry, I forgot". To which he said "You shouldn't forget, your a school teacher". I guess I have a lot to learn too.

Last weekend was quite busy. Friday night I went to a moms night out. The mommy that was hosting has a five year old and wanted to keep him busy, so I brought Zach along. That left Emma and daddy to have an evening together. He took her to "Chuck-a-cheeses" (which is how she says it - adorable) and they had a fun "date-night". She has been begging to go there and I'm just glad he caved in because I really can't handle the noise level in that place.

On Saturday Emma and I were invited to a baby shower, which left Zach and daddy to go ride the quad and go to the shop for a little male bonding time. Emma and I had a little extra time to get ready for the shower, so I put her hair up in hot rollers. She loved it. The only problem was, when it was time to take them out she didn't want to. She was sure that the rollers were very pretty and that was how she should go to the party... Well, I prevailed. She was so cute with her curls.

Half way through the baby shower she came up to me with a secret and asked when was the shower going to start. I was a bit confused until I realized she thought that the new mama was actually going to be showering. She didn't seem too disappointed in my explanation that we where showering the new mama with baby gifts instead of water : ).

I've been in a knitting craze lately. I really enjoy the act of knitting and the relaxation it provides. It is also a great way to spend the hour a week at the dance studio and the hours at the BMX track (not to mention it's a great way to keep my eyes off the road while Dan is driving). I will have to take some photos of my latest completed projects and post them soon. Here's a photo Emma took at the BMX track for me...

Not the "best" photo, but it sums up a great night in this mommy's world.

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Larae said...

i'm glad you guys have been able to get some one-on-one time with your kids. that's a cute story about emma--tell her i said her hair looked beautiful! hope to see you guys soon.