Friday, August 28, 2009

Summer Time

So it's been since the end of June since I've last posted on my blog... time does fly.

The pregnancy is going fine, especially now that the sickness part seems to be over. I've found a new doctor that takes our new health insurance, and I feel like I'm settling down and starting to relax a bit. We have named our new baby Luke, and although he does not yet have a middle name, quite a few have been suggested. John seems to be popular, but too predictable for me. Warm was thought of over the weekend. Can you imagine... Luke Warm Noack? No, that won't do. And then there was Ingood (suggested by Uncle Phil) Ah um... Luke Ingood... can you even imagine? Well, at least he is doing good and growing like crazy. Of course that means I'm as big as an elephant and moving as slow as a turtle. Yeah, it's all good.

So our summer has been moving along. I thought I'd share a few photos from the past couple of months.

Zach playing in the sprinklers in the backyard.

End of swim lessons. Both kids did great his year. We only did one session this summer. Two weeks of standing next to a pool in 100 degree heat was enough for this pregnant mama.

Fireworks from our front yard on the 4th of July.

Zach's birthday in Silent Valley camping. This year he got a very cool telescope.

After a fun hot day camping we relaxed in the trailer and watched a movie.

Emma performed in her 2nd big dance recital. This was her dress rehearsal for 'Old Straw Hat'.

Here she is on stage doing 'Tinkerbell' (she's on the right).

And here she is dancing in 'Old Straw Hat' (on the right again).

A lazy Sunday afternoon in Oak Glen after a yummy brunch with Aunt Teri and Dino. The kids love to feed the deer.

Pony rides in Oak Glen.

We have really been staying indoors a lot this summer. The weather man keep saying that it has been the coolest summer in a long time, but they just can't convince this pregnant lady! We had hoped to do more school through the summer, but have really started strong the past few weeks.

We studied penguins one week.

The kids painted pictures of penguins in the snow.

Last weekend was spent with our good friends, the von der Lindens. We stayed at their house for a night and spend a wonderful day at the beach. Here are Zach and Noah playing on the slip and slide. This provided hours of entertainment!

And here is Emma, sipping her first soda. She's had small sips of rootbeer from me, but this is her official 1st soda. I held out till she was almost 4!!

Zachary boogie boarding!

Emma loves it too!!

So there's some of our summer in snapshots. Of course summer is not yet over, although we have been watching the neighborhood kids walk to and from school already. I'm sure there will be plenty of more fun, warm, and perfect beach days in out near future.

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