Monday, April 30, 2012

Calm After the Storm

I'm very blessed to be able to say that my kids are normally very well behaved and good tempered. Today, however, has been a challenging 2 year old temper day. It started first thing this morning, so I know it wasn't because he was tired. I can't even explain it, because 2 year old tantrums don't really make sense. So I will just say that his little body falling to sleep on the way to astronomy class was just what I needed. We dropped of Zachary at class and I drove straight for the library. I found the biggest tree I could to park under, opened the car windows so the breeze could blow through, and we've been sitting in the parking lot for over an hour. I have water, my iPhone, and my knitting. Ahhhh, it's like a mini vacation in the middle of my day.

Now, here's to hoping he doesn't wake up so late that there isn't any library or park time left. Because then the tantrum will start all over again. But at least mama is rested now, and ready...

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