Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dancing at the Fair

Emma performed two weeks ago at the Southern California Fair in Perris. She performed the same two dances she did at her recital last July. This time Nana and Nana Sue drove out for the show. Emma did a wonderful job and had absolutely no problems going on stage.

Tap dance - Baby Bumble Bee (Emma is on the left)

Ballet - Getting Ready for the Ball (Emma on the right)

We stayed for some rides after the show.

...and checked out some livestock. My Nana says this was her favorite part, watching Emma and her little friend holding hands and looking at the pigs. They both still have their tiaras on from their last dance. Easily titled "the two princesses and the pigs"... too cute.


Kiko said...

thats a cute bee outfit. ill have to get one for my daughter. is that homemade?

Devoted said...

Great photo's. I remember the days well and now share those same experiences with two grandchildren. God bless you and yours. :-D