Monday, October 6, 2008

Zach's New P.E. Class

Just one of the many advantages of homeschooling is getting to pick our own P.E. (physical education) classes. Emma has been taking dance since February and loves it. She performed in her first dance recital in July and has yet to get off the stage. She will be performing at our local farmers fair next weekend too.

Every week Zachary sits patiently through her one-hour class. Dan and I keep telling him he can choose something to do too. He had mentioned both soccer and BMX, but had not decided which he wanted to try. He didn't seem to be much in a hurry, so we didn't rush him.

Well, a couple weeks ago Zach decided he wanted to try out BMX after watching his buddy, Trenton, at our local BMX track. Danny got pretty excited and started looking for a bike for him right away. I suddenly did what any mommy of a five year old would do, I got nervous. Dan found a great bike at a great price on Craigslist and we pulled out Zach's quad gear to make sure it all fit well.

So Monday night, after getting suited up in an armor of gear, I sent my baby boy out with the "big" kids on the BMX track. Sounds scary huh... well I sent him out there with his daddy in tow. Dan followed Zach around the track over and over again. They both had a lot of fun and they both did great. It was so fun to watch my "baby" out there doing it on his own. Granted his dad was trailing behind him, but he had to peddle himself up and over all those hills. I think we are really going to enjoy getting to know BMX life and meeting new friends out at the track.
Here he is taking off, out the gate for the first time. Dan held him back so the big kids could go first and then let him go.

And here is "Team Noack". I'm sure the team will grow to three as soon as Emma gets rid of her training wheels : ). As for mom, I'm better off in the stands for now.

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Larae said...

i'd be totally scared, too, if i was in your shoes. i'm glad dan can be out there with him. sounds like he had fun!