Saturday, October 10, 2009

11 Awesome Years

Danny and I just celebrated eleven years of marriage last weekend. I have been so blessed the past eleven years to get to grow and spend my time with my love. He is truly a special gift to me. Not an anniversary or birthday pass without him doing something special (or out of the ordinary) for me. Our past anniversaries have included planning surprise picnics at our wedding location (including kids, kites, and beach toys!!); taking me to Starbucks after secretly calling the pastor who married us and having him and his wife meet us there; a two night get-away at a beach hotel in Carlsbad; the list goes on...

This year was a little different in that I'm not too comfortable these days, which is probably making me a little difficult to live with. Dan surprised me once again by getting a reservation at Bolsa Chica State Beach. We (he, did I mention how uncomfortable I've been) packed up the camper and off we went for a one night excursion with our two kiddos. The weather was beautiful, the food was yummy, and spending that time as a family was priceless. BUT... the best part (for me) was Danny showing me once again just how much he loves me...

My love packed the lazy boy for me. The lazy boy is the only way I've been able to sleep for the past 4 weeks. So when we got to the beach and put down the back door (right on the boardwalk) there I sat watching my family play in the sand while I knitted lazily in my comfy chair. Ahhh, now that's love : ).

11 Awesome Years!!

Can't wait to meet Luke.

My view of my feet in the sand.


Larae said...

congrats! i love that picture of you with emma and zach! we can't wait to meet baby luke either!

Mama C said...

You look just adorable!
And you must be getting very close to your due date, your feet have almost disappeared!