Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer Highlights

Since School is right around the corner, I thought it would be nice to highlight some of our summer fun this year.

Our family has spread out a bit around the country over the past few years, and so it is so special when we are together. We enjoyed a visit from my brother and his family very early this summer. It was so fun to have the cousins together for a couple days. My parents treated us to a trip to the Scripps Aquarium.

I love this photo of Papa and Luke together. Luke has quite a thing for his Papa, which I think is not only very cute, but very good for both of their hearts.

Just after we said goodbye to my brother, my sister came for a visit. (Next time some better planning needs to go into timing!!) Dawny tries to make it out twice a year for a couple weeks at a time, and we sure enjoy it. This year our parents treated us to a very special long weekend on a houseboat on Lake Havasu! Such a treat! It was so fun to all be together all weekend long. We all had a great time in the water and on the boat. Papa was Captain and Chef (and did a wonderful job at both!). Mom rented a 2 person kayak and two stand up paddle boards for us to play around on. We found a lovely little beach in a cove and beached the boat there for the weekend.

Co-Captain Emma on the top deck

Zach enjoying a lazy float

Danny getting lucky

Mom and Dad relaxing on the top deck

Lukey loving on Aunt Dawny

Perhaps my favorite photo of the weekend. From mom's camera. Enjoying the sunset.

Yes, great summer memories!

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