Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Summer Wrap Up?

With school starting next week, I guess I could call this a summer wrap up. Although the weather outside says summer is here to stay. We have been enduring 100 degree temps for what seems like forever. Hiding in the air conditioned house is getting a little old. So it was nice to come across some more photos from earlier this summer to remind me we haven't been cooped up here forever.

I love this little boy of mine. He is a mama's boy through and through.

Oh... and this big boy! I am truly a blessed mama!

My hunky husband (and in the background, another sandy blessing).

Dance recital was a very busy day this year. Emma was in two different shows on one day. She did great, and it was the first year I got to be in the audience instead of back stage with her.

We took a field trip to Gilman Ranch and learned all sorts of new things. Here's Emma making rope. Luke decided he would plop right down in the dirt and watch.

They also got to try their hand at roping.

We found the BEST swimming lessons. The kids have taken swim lessons from the city for the last several years, but this year we took them from Mr. Tim who teaches in his pool. It was amazing. We got to do four weeks and I'm proud to say all three kids are swimmers now. Well, Zach and Emma are completely independent, but even Luke was kicking to the side of the pool and grabbing the edge by himself.

My big fish!

Summer wouldn't be complete without a few beach visits with the von der Lindens. We LOVE these boys and are so blessed to have them and their parents in our lives.

Ahhh... so the whole summer has not been spent held up in our house. It's not really a terrible place to be. It's filled with three loud, but cute voices all day long. The man of my dreams walks in every night happy to see us. And the air conditioning works :-).

Nope, not a bad place at all.

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