Thursday, February 9, 2012

A New Sport

Danny's interest in paddle boarding has been increasing lately. His interest really is in prone paddle boarding, which is laying down on your stomach and using your hands/arms to paddle. He purchased a board on Craigslist and used it a couple times, but it really wasn't the right board for him. So he went back to Craigslist and found a used board from a guy named Mike in Carlsbad. To make a long story short, Mike said he would sell it to Dan if Dan signed up for a race in January in Mission Bay. Seems he really loves the sport and wants to make sure that there are enough people to keep the racing going. Danny agreed and brought another huge 'board' home.

He had not found a lot of time to practice, but to my surprise decided he was going to stick to his commitment and register for the race. It was last week, and he did great!! It was a beautiful day, and it was so much fun to go out as a family and root him on. Nana joined us too. He did great considering his lack of preparation. He finished the race with a smile, and we were so proud of him. Mike, the guy that sold the board to him, had finished much earlier, but went back to cheer Dan on to finish the race. 4.75 miles! Way to go Danny!!!

This Saturday Dan is doing his second race, and we are looking forward to cheering him on again.

Truly a gorgeous day on Mission Bay

This is Dan (on the left) and Mike paddling out to the starting line.

Danny crossing the finish line and checking in at the pontoon boat. He did it!!

Celebrating our Daddy and his 1st race!

Exciting Side Note: My mom has been bitten by love of stand-up paddle boarding after trying it with my sister in St. Thomas. She rented them for us to use at Lake Havasu last summer, which was a blast. Last week she bought her own and took it right out to the lagoon in Carlsbad to get it wet. My dad got a kayak too so they will soon be grazing through the water together :-). LOVE IT!!

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Hen Jen said...

that's really neat! I kind of think I would like to do stand-up paddling on a long board, it must be a great workout! I can't handle cold water, though... someday, maybe I will try it!