Thursday, March 1, 2012


My kids are absolutely loving their astronomy class this year, and so am I. Science is one of the subjects that seems to get left behind when our days are full. Sad, but true. I will get the reading done, but not always all the experiments that go along with the reading that makes science so fun (and memorable). So the class has been a lifesaver for this mama. Lectures, quizzes, fun labs, fun with friends, and an excellent teacher who loves to show the Lord in science. Win Win WIN!!

While the kids were learning about Mars they had to create an ecosystem for people to live on the planet. They could use whatever medium they wanted and they were to bring it to share with the class. We had a lot of fun (and learning going on too) talking about what would be needed to survive on another planet. This is what the kids came up with:

Emma decided to draw her ecosystem. It includes a large area of closets for clothes, a farm to raise animals for food, trees for oxygen, an apartment building to live in, a wash room for laundry, a huge water tank and a rocket that could go back to earth for more water. Oh, and two dance rooms; one for ballet and one for tap :).

Zachary decided to use Legos for his ecosystem.

He had a building to live in, lots of trees for oxygen, a recycling waterfall and stream for water and recreation, and a garden to grow food.

He let me help with the garden. I had fun.

We also recently wrapped up a study of France. Zachary was elated when I told him he was done with school for the day expect for one thing. I wanted him to take a picture of the Eiffel Tower to his room and create it out of Legos :).

Yes, when Legos are involved with school, it's a good day.

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