Thursday, November 5, 2009

Busy with the Needles

Call it nesting, but I've really been enjoying knitting lately. I thought I would post some photos of recently finished projects. You will see most have a theme...

These booties and hat came from a book titled, "Knitting for Baby"

These mittens are a free pattern I found online here.

This is a vest that my mom made for Luke. I found the pattern online before I knew if he was to be a girl or a boy. I sent it to my mom and called her the day we found out so she could get started. (Sorry I don't remember where I found the pattern) I love the bunny buttons she used for the shoulder.

Also knitted by my mom in a beautiful scalloped pattern.

This last project was started last spring (found here). I couldn't get myself to knit throughout the HOT summer, so it just got finished. My first sweater... and it's all for me. I love how it only has two buttons and swings open. Perfect for the pregnancy belly. I used a beautiful 100% cotton that is very soft, although it sheds on everything right now. I am hoping that will go away once it's worn a few times. The only thing left is to find just the right buttons for it. I saved that for my treat once it was completed.

I have a scarf on the needles now in the most beautiful shade of orange. Very much a "Cheeto" orange. Hopefully the weather will cool off some this fall so I can actually wear it.

I'm so looking forward to a cool weather baby and being able to cozy him up in all these fun knits.

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Larae said...

i love the booties and the gorgeous blanket your mom made--it looks so soft! so does that sweater. good job! i don't know how you keep up with all those hobbies--i still haven't figured out how to keep up on scrapbooking during all my sewing projects, especially when they require the same table space. maybe that's my problem...