Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I promised more on the cloth diapering, and here's where we are so far...

I'm in love!! I've found cloth diapering to be surprisingly easy, and it feels so good to be putting cloth on my babe instead of paper/plastic. But, best of all, the cloth diapers I've used so far laugh at my babe's explosive poops!! "Not getting by me", the cloth diaper says to the poo. Seriously though, it's been really amazing.

I've been experimenting with two different diapers so far: the Bumgenius 3.0 One Size Diaper and the Gro Baby diaper. Both of these diapers are adjustable to fit an infant, baby, or toddler. I like them both, for different reasons.

First, the Bumgenius. It is a pocket diaper, meaning the soaker pad is in an "envelope" in the diaper. Each time you change a diaper you must wash the shell and the soaker pad. I am amazed at how long my babe can wear this diaper with two soaker pads (which come with the diaper) in it. He goes through the night with no leaks. With a disposible, we would change him at 5:00 am or wake up with a wet baby next to us (which meant a wet me, wet sheets, wet baby jammies, bath for us all, and way too much laundry). He has also throughly tested this diaper with breastfed baby poo, which has the tendency to get everywhere. My babe has a way of shooting it right up and out the back of his disposables. The Bumgenius has always held it in, even when soaked from an all-nighter. Amazing! This diaper is a little bulky, which doesn't really bother me.

As for the Gro Baby diaper, we use that more during the day and when we go out on the town. The difference with the Gro Baby is that it has it's soaker snaped into the shell, and lays on top of the shell. When changing the baby you can unsnap the soaker and toss it into the diaper pail and re-use the shell. I've found that the shell does get a little wet, so I usually rotate between two shells during the day, leaving the one just used on the diaper table to dry for the next changing. The soaker rarely holds in the explosive baby poops, although the shell always does. If we have a poop, I just toss both the soaker and the shell into the diaper pail.

I'm a newby at all of this, but I am finding it very doable and actually enjoying it. We have collected 5 cloth diapers all together so far, plus 4 extra soakers for the Gro Baby. This usually gets us through a whole day. Obviously I need to purchase more so we can go a few days between washings. From a cost standpoint I am curious to try the good old fashion flat diapers that my mom used with the plastic pants when me and my sib's were little. There are all sorts of new covers you can use with these that make them easier too. To get more information on all this I recently joined a cloth diapering group. I am also looking forward to a cloth diapering 101 class this week. (Are you amazed there is so much info on cloth diapering? I certainly am!!) I figure after this class I should have enough information to purchase several more diapers.

So, after thinking I knew it all now that I am on my third little one, I find there are still many things to learn... even in the diapering world. But Ohhhh my, he is so worth it : )!

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Larae said...

he looks so old in those pictures, especially the one with him on his tummy.