Thursday, February 25, 2010

A New BMX'er

We have a new BMX'er in the house. Emma tried her hand at our local BMX track last week and loved it. She did an awesome job too. She only fell once, and got right up and tried again. She really surprised me.

I stood at the gate with her (with Luke in his wrap) and held her bike until the gate dropped and then let go... which was not easy for this mama. Here I stood at the top of this huge hill letting go of my four year old baby girl on a dirt bike (with all sorts of safety gear on) to peddle around a dirt track that is raced on by professional BMX riders. Dan stood at the bottom of the first hill so he could assist her in getting up the next one. She only needed a little push and then she continued around the track with Daddy running after her and assisting on the bigger hills. Yes, Dan got quite the workout!! By the end of the night there were only two hills she needed help getting up. AND by the end of the night I could tell she was hooked and we had another BMX'er in the family.

This is not a bad thing : )!!!!

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