Thursday, September 22, 2011

2011 Apple Picking

September has flown by here. It is a month my oldest has been looking forward to. We used to look forward to October, but we have learned that October may be a little late. Late for what, you ask? Late for apple picking.

So while apple picking may bring to mind a picture of things cooling off, the color of leaves changing, and a different smell in the air, here it is summer as usual. We are still getting 100 degree days and staying indoors as much as possible. Although we were very lucky to experience a little break in the weather last week. Friday being the coolest day. And, also lucky, Oak Glen is always a little cooler than it is in our town. So with Danny having Friday off of work we ate some yogurt for breakfast and told the kids to get in the car. It wasn't long before the older two were guessing where we were headed. And it didn't take long for Zach to guess right.

Oak Glen has gotten to be a tradition in our family. We start the trip at Snow-Line to sample apple cider and the apple varieties they have out. Then (the important part) we purchase fresh apple cider donuts. We've done this in the rain in years past, but this year the day was picture perfect and we ate our donuts under the Chestnut tree while watching the kids play tag with very cinnamon-y sticky fingers. Someday I might actually have a photo of this, but so far mama is also with sticky fingers and in the excitement of getting my hands on some of those yummy donuts, the camera usually gets left in the car... but not for long.

I do love the donuts, and I love picking apples with my family, I love the walking (running for some) around the orchards, and I love the raspberries, but one of my favorite things are the photos that come from this day each year. It is seriously difficult to take a bad picture in that gorgeous scenery. There is something about that fresh air and the trees and the kids too I suppose that just make my camera work in a way I can't make it work the rest of the year.

This year we picked both apples and raspberries at Los Rios Rancho. The big kids had so much fun running around and looking for the perfect apples. We all had a lot of fun watching Luke maneuver around the natural obstacles and look for an apple growing at his height. Of course he got some help from Danny reaching some that were higher up, but when he would find one at his height he was so proud of being able to get it all by himself. Once he got his teeth into one of those apples, we didn't see him again for the rest of the day without one in his mouth. Occasionally he would pick up a stick for awhile and walk around with it, but there was always an apple in the other hand being chewed on.

When we had filled our bag of apples, we went back for the raspberries. Again, I think Luke may have eaten more than he put in the box, but he was having so much fun no one dared stop him. And I don't think anyone could have if they had wanted too. My kids love their apples and berries and to pick them off the plant and eat them is quite the thrill.

So without further ado, here are the winning photos from this year.

Luke eating one of his many apples. See, who would tell him no?

One of the few times I caught up with him.

It's a little easier to catch up with this guy. Isn't he cute ;-)

One, Two, Three

The Boys

I love this one of my two older kiddos. And you can't hear the bickering from this distance ;-).

This one pretty much sums Ms. Emma up.

I'm sure that's not a raspberry in his mouth (ahem)... This kid is truly amazing in so many ways.

Tell me how I got this blessed!!! Seriously, who would have thought having a daughter would be so much fun?

And Mr. Bonus... he is just the cherry on top.

Yes, blessed is what I would call it.

And, by the way, I believe the next post will be, "What we did with them apples" - Stay tuned!

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