Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day of 2nd Grade

Today was the official start of 2nd grade in our home. Since it was Labor Day, Dan was home which gave me an extra set of hands to hold Luke so I could school with less interruptions. It went really well, and I know we are both going to enjoy this year (both Zach and I). We were able to do Emma's day of kindergarten too, which was incorporated easier than I thought. Now, as for tomorrow, I'm not sure if we will remain this lucky. Things run a lot easier without a babies "help", and Dan is back at work tomorrow. I know we are in for a challenging school year, but I am also confident that it will be full of God's blessings and very rewarding.

On another note, my grandpa fell early Sunday morning in his apartment at his assisted living facility. After the day in the ER we found out nothing was broken (praise the Lord), but his lungs were not clear and he had signs of infection. He is very battered and bruised from the fall, and at 84 years old, he just doesn't heal as quickly as he used to. Unfortunatley, we are finding that he has other very serious health complications that are now in the Lords hands. We are happy he is comfortable right now and he is in pretty good spirits (with the exception of wanting to go home). I am so blessed that my cousin, Christie, is such an amazing woman. Between her and I we are able to handle the coordination of his care and needs along with trying to keep him company. These are the times when you realize just how much family means.

I ask for prayer for my grandfather, that he remains comfortable and that he is able to heal quickly. I also ask for prayer for our families right now while taking this extra care for grandpa is something that is very close to our hearts, it also is a bit taxing on our families and on our normal schedules.

With the exception of my Papa Sam, who we lost just 2 short years ago, I am blessed to have all of my grandparents in my life. My life has been so enriched by these amazing Godly people. I have had nothing but love from them all my life. My husband, who never knew any of his grandparents, has adopted mine as his own. He really loves them all and is such a wonderful example to me of showing respect and love to those who have gone before us.

Yes, I am a very blessed woman indeed.
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