Monday, September 13, 2010

Nature Study

I am so excited about our nature studies this year. I had started doing them randomly last year, but this year our curriculum has them scheduled in so I hope to be more regular at it. They are scheduled to be done at the end of the school day on Fridays so that you end your week enjoying our Father's World. This last week our Friday did not lend itself to nature study time, but on Sunday we more than made up for it. We drove up to Oak Glen to go apple picking, which is one of my favorite times of the year. While taking a break from our picking we laid a blanket under an apple tree and set the kids up with their nature notebooks and colored pencils. It was perfect! I just asked them to draw anything that they saw. Emma drew a beautiful apple tree. Zachary drew the view in the distance of the mountains and valley below. It really was an ideal moment in my week, and I hope to think of it often as things get trying this week. I think the Lord gives momma's times like these to get them through the rough days.

I was also excited to get to use my new book, Handbook of Nature Studies. There were several pages devoted to apple trees and I had the chance to read a bit to the kids on the way up the mountain. I see us using this book for reference for many years.

Maybe the best part of the day came when we arrived home. While driving into the driveway my wonderful husband commented on how glad he is that I am teaching our kids. He is my biggest support, and he has no idea how important it is for me to hear those word from him. Oh, I love him so :).
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