Friday, September 3, 2010

2nd Grade? Really?

The end is in sight. The end of 1st grade that is. Zachary has one more day, and I plan on doing it tomorrow. We started 1st grade the begining of January, after having our third child the begining of December. We took a couple weeks off here and there, when we've needed it, but pretty much schooled right through summer. It has worked out very well. I was able to start Emma in kindergarten while still flowing through first with Zach. Now that Emma is starting to flow in kindergarten, I can concentrate on a new curriculum with Zach. The Lord has been so good to us. His timing is so perfect!

I am very excited to start 2nd grade with Zach. We are in love with our curriculum, My Father's World. This year we will be studying US History, the many names of Jesus, Singapore math, language arts, spelling by sound and structure, an art program called I Can Do All Things, music study, and a spanish class once a week with friends. I'm sure I am leaving something out. It is going to be a full year with all of this being new and teaching kindergarten too, all while keeping a baby happy. It really is amazing being able to stay home with my kids and be their teacher. Zachary has been a joy to watch grow and learn for over 7 years, and I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to teach him at home.

Now, will someone just please tell me how these years are going by so quickly. How in the world can I be the mother of a boy in the 2nd grade?
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