Wednesday, August 25, 2010

5 Years

Zachary welcoming his sister home from the hospital

When I found out I was pregnant with a little girl, I honestly wondered what life would be like with a daughter. Zachary would be 2 years old when she was born. We were so in love with him. He had made us a "family". "Boy stuff" came easily to me (dirt, sand, trucks, bikes, ...) , Zachary was so laid back and easy going. What were we in for with a girl?

Emma at the BMX track for practice

Well, I had no idea. It was not as difficult to get used to as I thought. Emma Dawn came into this world quickly (and by "quickly" I mean, any faster and she would have been born in the hospital parking lot). Emma is an amazing little girl. She can be more of a girly girl that I have ever been one moment, then jump on her BMX bike and keep up with her big brother. She lives in a sort of a fantasy world, that I'm so privileged to get glimpses into. She is soft-hearted and kind. She has an amazing love for Jesus, and we were so lucky to get to hear her ask the Lord into her heart when she was three years old. She has taught me so much, and I'm sure my lessons are only beginning. Speaking of lessons, she has just started kindergarten a few weeks ago and she has been a joy to teach already. She so eagerly wants to learn and do well. Perhaps one of the best things about having a little girl is that I have gotten to watch my husbands heart grow even more. Oh, the love this girl has for her daddy is incredible!!

Buried in the sand at the beach

Mt. Laguna, modeling for the camera

I'm so happy to celebrate this day with her. Her 5th year of life. I am so blessed that the Lord sent her to us to raise for Him. She enriches my life so much. I am one lucky lady to be the mama of Emma Dawn.

My beautiful kindergartner on the 1st day of school

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