Tuesday, August 17, 2010

<3'n School

Today was a good school day. We have lots of fun with school, but if I'm being honest, some days are much better than others. Today was good.

Today began the first "real" unit of kindergarten for Emma. She did really well, just as I expected. I also managed to get Zach's whole school day in as well as his reading time and some extra math practice. In the middle of our day we managed a trip to the library. Usually a trip mid-day would throw the whole day off, but we managed to stay on track today. By no way was it a perfect day, but I am rejoicing in just getting done what needed to get done. God is good, and I believe He is using this time to teach me how to teach two grade levels, keep an 8 month old happy, keep house (whatever that means), keep commitments, try and work, etc... I am a work in progress, and I am learning how to let go of my fears and just trust that God will meet me where I am and get me through what NEEDS to be done. I have no control of anything, so I might as well just hand it all on over to the Lord.

Any how, the above photos are from today and yesterday. Zach has been working on fractions this week. Today I got out the measuring cups and let him play with water. "How many 1/4 cups will fit into a cup?" Oh yes, we had fun. That was followed up by cutting up and apple for snack into 1/2, then 1/4's, then 1/8ths. Yes, fractions can be fun and yummy.

The other photo was yesterday. We put together Emma's "Creation Book" that she had made the first 7 days of kindergarten. Zach decided to get his out and compare them. That was fun for all of us. It was really fun to hear Zach be able to read it to us and see the progress he has made the last couple years.

Yes, we have fun homeschooling. It is not all great, but I am so happy that this is what we have decided to do. And I am happy the Lord continues to meet me right where I need Him and continue to teach me too.
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