Monday, August 16, 2010

sleeping baby

I don't think I can over do the sleeping baby shots. They are so stinking cute when they are sleeping. I'm sure I will look back on them years from now and think about what a great sleeper Luke was (yeah, right). There is just something so peaceful about their little baby breath all hot and humid on you. Their relaxed face. The sweat on their head. It is so hard not to touch them. Play with their little round feet. Stroke their chubby cheeks.

As I type this (on an insanely small phone) my baby is fast asleep across my lap, snoring his little baby snores. Off to a precious dreamland I cannot even imagine. What could he possibly be dreaming about? He knows so little. I suppose he could be dreaming about his big sister stopping to spend some time with him at a game of peak-a-boo. Or his brother running by with some toy that's "not for the baby" but looks like so much fun. Or the doggy that now gets to be in the house and is starting to look like more and more fun, and less and less scary. Maybe he is dreaming of daddy and the way he gathers him up and holds him so strong and securely. The way he takes him outside and shows him the moon. Or maybe, just maybe he is dreaming of being on mama's cozy legs, cradled perfectly, warm and full of good milk, so happy to finally be in bed for the night. Is this a glimpse of that perfect peace that surpasses all understanding? Possibly.

All I know is when I see this little angel sleeping and there is a camera close by, I am going to take my chances at the shutter waking him up because someday seeing these photos will bring me right back to where I am right now. A very blessed mama.
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