Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Wool Soakers

My wonderfully creative mother knitted Luke another pair of wool soakers. We use wool soakers for overnight to keep our bedding dry after a long night. I purchased his first pair, and love them. Wool is very absorbent and we have had great luck with it stopping leaks. I asked mom to knit him a pair and she did, super quick too. I had considered taking it on, but was worried that they would not be done until he was potty trained. Well, the first pair she finished turned out great, but she underestimated the chunk of her grandson. They work, but, lets just say the more coverage the better. So she made a second pair, and they are perfect! So cute too in his camo colors. The leg cuffs are long enough, and the waist goes up high enough... they are perfect. Such a lucky little boy.

So my latest request, a long pair for winter ;). We are so lucky to have such a talented Nana.

Oh, and by the way, ignore the fact that the cute baby is playing in the dirty diaper pail while mommy tries to snap the perfect photo.
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